Core Values

Health and Safety

The highest of our priorities is the emphasis of the value of life and in order to achieve this goal we must all make a constant conviction to prepare training, supervision and watching each others back.

Customer-Driven Excellence

Our success is measured by providing our customers with quality, reliabile, flexibile service and cost effectiveness.

Visionary Leadership

Our senior leaders should regularly communicate strategic direction and create a customer buy-in with focus of clear and visible high values and goals and expectations.

Valuing Customer Feedback

We encourage our customers to challenge our cost saving ideas, operating procedures and safety guidelines in order to meet their present and future requirements.


Meeting the demands of our market and customer challenges demands a rapid, flexibility and customized response and solution.

Focus on Results and Creating Value

Our companies performance measurements should be used to create and balance value to our key stake holders; customers, employees ownership, suppliers and partners, the public and the community.


Our team members must respect, rely and perform on each other through work ethic, by communicating positively and effectively in order for the customers and company to succeed.

Every Person, Every Idea Counts

Our companies success depends on encouraging, valuing and respecting the knowledge, skills, creativity and motivation of contributions made from each employee.

Organizational and Personal Learning

Growing, educating and mentoring each employee in order for them to achieve their individual as well as the companies highest capabilities.