Featured Services

NWCS is comprised of five full-featured depots, located in Seattle(2), Tacoma, Portland and Boardman with each offering the following services:

TMS Computer System

This state-of-the-art system allows dispatchers to track equipment movement in between the yards, maintain customer inventories, track daily in and out activities, and provide status updates as equipment is repaired and available. This system's capabilities include tracking of equipment holds and releases, which can be, broken down by class, type and size. We also offer EDI services to provide our customers real-time updates regarding equipment inventories and movement.

U.S. Customs Bonded Facilities

Our facilities are fenced and secure, capable of handling loads of up to 85,000 pounds. Our staff is trained in working with import and export loads, dealing with steamship and customs releases as they relate to loads. We also offer a chassis pool to assist in the movement of empties and loads should the need arise.

Diversified Shops

In addition to typical dry box and chassis repair, we are also able to perform container modifications to customer specifications, or custom-build work on request. Our shops feature multiple enclosed bays to accommodate repairs requiring work to be performed under cover. Parts are quality controlled,and many custom parts can be manufactured on-site as necessary. We also feature "over the road repairs" with our fully equipped service trucks. We are a full service wash-out/steam clean facility.

Refrigeration Services

Our facilities have multiple reeferplugs for load storage and monitoring, service pre-trip and repair. NWCS reefer technicians have been trained on all major manufacturers' equipment including: Carrier, Thermo King, Daikin and StarCool.

Hazardous Material Handling

Training in the handling and security of hazardous materials is an ongoing process at NWCS.