NWCS has established a goal of leading the industry in environmental health and safety. NWCS has active safety committees at each location that address such issues as worksite safety; environmental/hazardous waste management, and traffic management. To help ensure the safety of our customers, draymen, and employees, NWCS has a very strict drug and alcohol policy including random testing. It is the job of all employees and managers to address the daily issues as they arise when it comes to safety and environmental concerns or incidents.

Accident rates at NWCS have been on a constant decline, but our belief is that all accidents are preventable and that no accident is acceptable.

All major sites that perform maintenance and repair on containers and chassis are equipped with an oil water separator. The oil water separator along with other environmental controls meet or exceed the requirements set by state and federal regulators. These controls help ensure that pollutants do not contaminate the sanitary or storm water systems.

NWCS has also implemented an Accident Prevention Manual for all employees. This manual is a safety guideline for all employees. The manual covers such areas as accident investigation, emergency evacuation, powered industrial truck rules, etc. For example, section 9 of the NWCS Accident Prevention Manual is entitled, "Handling Rail Switches, Derails and Derailments." This section details out the requirements for using derails, switches and intermodal container security. This manual is critical to help ensure the safety of everyone on our site.